Uplifting Together : New Artwork

Stephanie's paintings exude a charming simplicity, they are characterized by bold and bright colors, simple stylized figures and strong composition. Her artwork celebrates everyday activities and simple gestures and her paintings lends them a sense of unabashed joy.


Not bound by the strictures of her formal training, Stephanie imparts her intuitive vision onto the canvas, frequently capturing home life with children, nature, and local places. Each brushstroke is an homage to shared memories, making every piece a personal narrative as well as a collective memento.


Stephanie's artwork is stylized in a way that's uniquely unpretentious and strikingly direct. The charm of her art is its universal language of the heart and home.

Together We Lift              acrylic on board                       48" x 36"

Bluebird Sky 5              acrylic on board                       48" x 48"

Cozy Red House  acrylic on board   14"x14"

Rise Above acrylic on board   48"x48"

Come Togeher 2  acrylic on board   48"x48"



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